DLM was founded in 1993 with a mandate to create memorably artistic approaches and experiences that stir up conversations, shareable moments, and emotions worldwide. We specialize in producing innovative, sophisticated, and cutting-edge events; using a core belief that storytelling drives our creative approach. Founded by a diverse group of industry leaders with similar core values, visions, and backgrounds in the creative arts and entertainment industry.

Our Approach

Our Story

Why DLM?

  • We have been operating locally and internationally for over 25 years.
  • Support local entertainers and artists
  • Partner with many fundraising efforts
  • Have been a part of notable events and performances, live and on screen
  • Trained over 10, 0000 national and international talent
  • Performed and supported over 5000 events
  • We work with industry game-changers and influencers
  • We have a creative edge and have launched out of the gate events
  • Collectively DLM have over 100 years of entertainment industry work knowledge
  • We can create On-Line components for events to reach guests globally.