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Our Staff are still here to assist you in your entertainment needs during this difficult time. We are available to help you move your event to an online platform to reach more guests globally. Fill out a contact form and a event specialist will contact you.

Producing Spectacular and Memorable Entertainment and Events Since 1993

DLM was founded in 1993 with a mandate to create memorably artistic approaches and experiences that stir up conversations, shareable moments, and emotions worldwide. We specialize in producing innovative, sophisticated, and cutting-edge events; using a core belief that storytelling drives our creative approach. Founded by a diverse group of industry leaders with similar core values, visions, and backgrounds in the creative arts and entertainment industry.

Why DLM?

  • We have been operating locally and internationally for over 25 years.
  • Support local entertainers and artists
  • Partner with many fundraising efforts
  • Trained over 10,0000 national and international talent
  • Performed and supported over 5000 events
  • We work with industry game-changers and influencers
  • We create both virtual and nonvirtual events globally.

We specialize in producing memorable, innovative, sophisticated, and cutting-edge events worldwide.

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Event Production



17-1031 Before The Ball Logo Final 2017

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